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 ===== COVID-19 Contingency Plan ===== ===== COVID-19 Contingency Plan =====
-  - Users can only enter a microscope room if they have a booked session 
-  - Users must disinfect their hands before using a microscope 
-  - Fresh gloves are available inside the microscope rooms (optional) 
-  - **Users must wipe the cling film covering touchable surfaces with 70% ethanol** at the start and end of their slot 
-  - Users must **always keep their masks on**. 
 +  - Do not exceed the **maximum number of people allowed at each microscopy room**, which is shown on all doors.
 +  - **Users must disinfect their hands or wear fresh gloves inside a microscope room**. S, M and L glove boxes and hand sanitizer dispensers will be available at the entrance of the room. The gloves have to be disposed of after use.
 +  - Keyboards, mice and other touchable surfaces will be covered at all times by cling film. **Eyepieces will be covered by plastic round dishes**. Users must wipe the cling film and the plastic round dishes with 70% ethanol before and after their slot – ethanol bottles and tissues will be available in the room. If the cling film is damaged, please report it immediately to the Bioimaging staff.
 +  - **Users must always keep their masks on**.
 +  - **Users must keep a distance of 1.5 m from each other**.
 +  - Users are encouraged to **keep the curtains open**, to facilitate air renewal in the microscope rooms.
 ===== Booking Rules ===== ===== Booking Rules =====
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 If you find a user that did not comply with the above rules please [[|contact us]]. If you find a user that did not comply with the above rules please [[|contact us]].
-**Usage rules in effect since:​** ​January 1st, 2021+**Usage rules in effect since:​** ​February 22nd, 2021
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 [[start|Back to the Bioimaging Wiki]] [[start|Back to the Bioimaging Wiki]]
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