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Users that fail to comply with these rules will be issued a warning.

After a second infraction, the user will be forbidden to use the resource in question for a period of one week.

Usage Rules

  1. Users must have a valid reservation in an imaging system before using it.
  2. Users must follow the Turn ON and Turn OFF procedures for each system. When in doubt please contact us.
  3. Users must check if there is a booked user after their session in the booking system and follow the turn off procedure accordingly
  4. Users must warn the previous user or shutdown the system themselves if they cancel a reservation less than 1h30 before its start

COVID-19 Contingency Plan

  1. Users can only enter a microscope room if they have a booked session
  2. Users must disinfect their hands before using a microscope
  3. Fresh gloves are available inside the microscope rooms (optional)
  4. Users must wipe the cling film covering touchable surfaces with 70% ethanol at the start and end of their slot
  5. Users must always keep their masks on.

Booking Rules

  1. Users can book systems up to 14 days in advance (booking window starts at 13h)
  2. Users must use their own booked time and not book or use a resource with other username.

Zeiss LSM 880, Zeiss LSM 710, Zeiss Cell Observer SD and Zeiss Cell Observer

  1. Users can book at maximum 8 hours per week
  2. This usage restriction does not apply for weekends and for working days before 9:00 and after 21:00
  3. Exceptions to these rules require approval from José Rino.

Abuse Report

If you find a user that did not comply with the above rules please contact us.

Usage rules in effect since: January 1st, 2021

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