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 &bull; <​b>​Ana Nascimento</​b>​ ( <br> &bull; <​b>​Ana Nascimento</​b>​ ( <br>
 &bull; <​b>​Aida Lima</​b>​ ( <br> &bull; <​b>​Aida Lima</​b>​ ( <br>
-&rarr; <a href="/​facility/​bioimaging/​doku.php?​id=about">​About the Bioimaging ​Facility</a> <br>+&rarr; <a href="/​facility/​bioimaging/​doku.php?​id=about">​About the Bioimaging ​Unit</a> <br>
 &rarr; <a href="/​facility/​bioimaging/​doku.php?​id=users_feedback">​Users Feedback</​a></​span>​ &rarr; <a href="/​facility/​bioimaging/​doku.php?​id=users_feedback">​Users Feedback</​a></​span>​
 </td> </td>
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 ---- ----
 <​html>​ <​html>​
-This page is created and maintained by the <a href="/​facility/​bioimaging/​doku.php?​id=about">​Bioimaging ​Facility</a> (<​b>​</​b>​ | <img src="/​facility/​bioimaging/​lib/​exe/​fetch.php?​media=telephone_icon.gif"​ width=15>​ 47222).+This page is created and maintained by the <a href="/​facility/​bioimaging/​doku.php?​id=about">​Bioimaging ​Unit</a> (<​b>​</​b>​ | <img src="/​facility/​bioimaging/​lib/​exe/​fetch.php?​media=telephone_icon.gif"​ width=15>​ 47222).
 <p style="​text-align:​right">​ <p style="​text-align:​right">​
 Looking for another wiki? &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp <br> Looking for another wiki? &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp <br>
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