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Location: Room P2-A-24 ( 47219)
Manufacturer: Nikon Instruments
Model: Eclipse Ti
Nickname: "006"
Software: NIS-Elements AR 5.42.05
Year: 2010
SN: 602805
Data will be deleted after: 3 months  
Nikon Eclipse Ti Quality Control
Nikon Eclipse Ti Usage Statistics

Microscope overview

The Nikon Eclipse Ti is a fully motorized inverted widefield fluorescence microscope ideal for live-cell imaging applications. It is equipped with a small stage incubator for temperature control and CO2 supply, and with Perfect Focus System for hardware focus control during long time-lapse acquisitions. Using NIS-Elements software you can control the motorized filters, shutters and stage to simultaneously set up multi-color time-lapse imaging experiments in multiple stage positions. It is equipped with an Andor Neo 5.5 monochrome cooled sCMOS camera.

This microscope is also equipped with a Ionoptix Calcium and Contractility system for high-speed simultaneous acquisition of Fura-2 fluorescence with video-based cell length measurement to study myocyte function, contracting spontaneously or with field stimulation.

Data files older than 3 months will be automatically deleted on this system, please copy your data to the iMM server using the desktop link.

System components

Filtersets Turret 1 (top)

Position Filterset Reference Excitation Dichroic Emission
1 Empty
2 DAPI MBE41300 340-380 nm 400 nm 435-485 nm
3 FITC MBE44720 465-495 nm 505 nm 515-555 nm
4 TRITC MBE45600 528-553 nm 565 nm 590-650 nm
5 Cy5 2SK4CY50 608-648 nm 660 nm 672-712 nm
6 Empty

Filtersets Turret 2 (bottom)

Position Filterset
1 Empty
2 Empty
3 Empty
4 Empty
5 Empty
6 Fura-2


Magnification Model Immersion NA WD (mm) Reference
10x CFI Plan Fluor DLL Ph1 Air 0.30 16.00 MRH10101
20x CFI S Plan Fluor ELWD ADM Ph1 Air 0.45 6.90 - 8.20 MRH48230
40x CFI CFI Plan Apochromat Lambda D Air 0.95 0.21 MRH70470
40x CFI S Plan Fluor ELWD ADM Ph2 Air 0.60 2.80 - 3.60 MRH48430
60x Plan Apo DM Ph3 Oil 1.40 0.13
100x Plan Apo DM Ph3 Oil 1.40 0.13

Upon request:

Magnification Model Immersion NA WD (mm) Reference
100x CFI Plan Water 1.10 2.50 MRL07920


Model Type Frame Size Pixel Size (µm)
Andor Neo 5.5 sCMOS CCD 2560 x 2160 6.5 x 6.5

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