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Location: Room P2-A-24 ( 47219)
Manufacturer: Nikon Instruments
Model: Eclipse Ti
Nickname: "006"
Software: NIS-Elements AR 5.11.01
Year: 2010
SN: 602805
Data will be deleted after: 3 months  
Nikon Eclipse Ti Quality Control
Nikon Eclipse Ti Usage Statistics

Microscope overview

The Nikon Eclipse Ti is a fully motorized inverted widefield fluorescence microscope ideal for live-cell imaging applications. It is equipped with a small stage incubator for temperature control and CO2 supply and with Perfect Focus System for hardware focus control during long time-lapse acquisitions. Using either Metamorph or Nikon Elements software you can control the motorized filters, shutters and stage to simultaneously set up multi-color time-lapse imaging experiments in multiple stage positions. It is equipped with a Andor Neo 5.5 monochrome cooled sCMOS camera ideal for time-lapse and tile-and-stitch microscopy. You can perform Z-stack acquisition and use PPBI Huygens RM deconvolution server to significantly improve image resolution even in thick samples. If don't want to use deconvolution, check out one of the confocal systems such as the point scanners Zeiss LSM 710 and Zeiss LSM 880 or spinning disks 3i Marianas SDC and Zeiss Cell Observer SD. If your personal computer cannot handle all the data you collected, check out the Colossus.

Data files older than 3 months will be automatically deleted on this system, please copy your data to the iMM server using the desktop link.

System components

Filtersets Turret 1 (top)

Position Filterset Reference Excitation Dichroic Emission
1 Empty
2 DAPI MBE41300 340-380 nm 400 nm 435-485 nm
3 FITC MBE44720 465-495 nm 505 nm 515-555 nm
4 TRITC MBE45600 528-553 nm 565 nm 590-650 nm
5 Cy5 2SK4CY50 608-648 nm 660 nm 672-712 nm
6 Empty

Filtersets Turret 2 (bottom)

Position Filterset
1 Empty
2 Empty
3 Empty
4 Empty
5 Empty
6 Fura-2


Magnification Model Immersion NA WD (mm) Reference
10x CFI Plan Fluor DLL Ph1 Air 0.30 16.00 MRH10101
20x CFI S Plan Fluor ELWD ADM Ph1 Air 0.45 6.90 - 8.20 MRH48230
40x CFI CFI Plan Apochromat Lambda D Air 0.95 0.21 MRH70470
40x CFI S Plan Fluor ELWD ADM Ph2 Air 0.60 2.80 - 3.60 MRH48430
60x Plan Apo DM Ph3 Oil 1.40 0.13
100x Plan Apo DM Ph3 Oil 1.40 0.13

Upon request:

Magnification Model Immersion NA WD (mm) Reference
100x CFI Plan Water 1.10 2.50 MRL07920


Model Type Frame Size Pixel Size (µm)
Andor Neo 5.5 sCMOS CCD 2560 x 2160 6.5 x 6.5

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