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-====== How to access our resources... ​======+====== How to access our equipment? ​======
-==== If you know which microscope ​you want to use: ====+{{::​imm_question.jpg?​200 ​ |Image by Maria Henriques, João Ferreira and José Rino}} 
 +  - The Bioimaging Unit equipment is available to iMM researchers and external users. Check our [[billing|hourly fees]]. 
 +  - You need to use iMM's booking system (Agendo) to book our equipment. ​If you are not registered yet, please follow the Agendo registration instructions {{ ::​agendo_registration_instructions_for_immers_v3.pdf |for iMMers}} or {{ ::​imm_agendo_registration_instructions_for_external_users.pdf |for external users}}. 
 +  - After registration, ​you can ask for access ​to equipment by clicking on its calendar in [[https://​​|Agendo]]. 
 +  - We will reply to you as soon as possible to schedule a consultation,​ to discuss experimental strategies and decide the most appropriate [[resources|Equipment]]. 
 +  - Depending on your needs and usage frequency, we may acquire images for you or train you to become an independent user (check details below). 
 +  - Don't forget to check our [[usage_policy|Usage and Booking Rules]]. 
 +====== How can we help you?  ====== 
-  ​First of all, you should read the **[[usage policy|microscope usage policy]]** - a set of simple rules that you should follow when using a microscope. +{{::​consultation.png?​50|}} ​**Consultation** - The first step is to meet us (in person or by Zoom) to discuss your needs and determine ​the most appropriate ​microscope.
-  * The second ​step will be to use our **[[https://​​intranet/​booking|booking system]]** ​in order to  request access ​to the microscope ​you want to use. +
-  * The [[about|Bioimaging Facility]] will contact you as soon as possible upon any access request to schedule a training session (see below) +
-  * If you are not registered in the **[[https://​​intranet/​booking|booking system]]** please [[|contact us]]  ({{telephone_icon.gif?​15}} 47316).+
-==== If you don't know which microscope you want to use: ====+{{::​test_first.png?​50|}} **Test First** - If necessary, we will give you permission in the booking system ​to schedule a test (by us) on a specific microscope.
-  * Please [[|contact us]] ({{telephone_icon.gif?15}} 47316). ​We will gladly help you with your microscopy needs and discuss your ideas.+{{::​we_aqcuire.png?50|}} **We Acquire** - If you only need a few images, we will give you booking permission ​and do the acquisition for you, no training required.
-====== Getting trained on a microscope ​======+{{::​training.png?​50|}} **Training** is __mandatory__ for independent use, even if you have already used the microscope ​elsewhere. We book the training session.
-{{training.jpg?300|}}+{{::​assisted_sessions.png?​50|}} **Assisted Use** __must occur within 1 week__ after training. ​You will have //in training// booking permissions and our help during the sessions. 
 +{{::​independence.png?50|}} **Independence** - Once you are comfortable with using the microscope on your own, you will be given //regular user// privileges.
-  * Training is __mandatory__,​ even if you have already used the microscope elsewhere +{{::​image_analysis_and_processing.png?​50|}} ​**Image Analysis** - We can help you analyze your data more efficiently by developing ​[[microscopytools|image analysis and processing tools]]. 
-  ​The [[about|Bioimaging Facility]] will contact you as soon as possible upon any access request to schedule a training session.  + 
-  * After training you will be able to use the **[[https://​​intranet/​booking|booking system]]** to reserve some time on the microscope. +{{::​publication.png?50|}} **Publication** - We can also help you writing materials and methods and preparing figures ​for a manuscript with microscopy data. 
-  ​You **must** request assistance ​for your first reserved time (please write '​Assistance'​ in the **Session Requests** field of the booking system) + 
-  * After you are a fully independent user, you can request technical assistance ​whenever ​necessary (e.g. for troubleshooting,​ new settings, etc.). Please ​do so by writing '​Assistance'​ in the **Session Requests** field of the booking system.+**Please Note** 
 +  * After you are a fully independent user, you can request technical assistance ​when necessary (e.g. for troubleshooting,​ new settings, etc.) 
 +  * If you do not book a microscope for assisted sessions within 1 week after training, you may need to be trained again 
 +  * If you do not use a microscope for more than 3 months, we may contact you to assess ​the need for re-training 
 +  ​If you misuse a microscope or fail to follow turn on/off procedures, you will be re-trained and go back to Assisted Use 
 +  ​We are always available for consultations and advice on all things related to microscopy. Feel free to [[https://​​facility/​bioimaging/​doku.php?​id=about#​contacts|contact us]] ({{phone_neg.png?​15}} 47305), we will gladly help you with your microscopy needs and discuss your ideas.
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