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-====== Leica DM2500 Usage Statistics ​- 2015 ====== +====== Leica DM2500 Usage Statistics ====== 
-{{book.png|}}[[leica_dm2500|Click here to get info on the Leica DM2500]]+[[leica_dm2500|{{::​leica_dm2500.png?​150|}}]] ​{{book.png|}}[[leica_dm2500|Click here to get info on the Leica DM2500]]
 <​html>​ <​html>​
-<img src="​dm2500_usage_2015.png" width="​500">​ <BR> <​BR>​ +<img src="/facility/bioimaging/lib/exe/fetch.php?media=dm2500_history_all.png"​ width="​900">​
-<img src="​https://​​u/​7689116/​Bioimaging/​dm2500_history_all.png"​ width="​900">​+
 </​html>​ </​html>​
 ---- ----
 [[usage_reports|Back to Statistics]] [[usage_reports|Back to Statistics]]
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