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Location: Room P3-A-5
Manufacturer: Leica Microsystems
Model: DM2500
Nickname: "DM2500"
Software: Leica Application Suite (LAS)
Year: 2006
SN: 285533-102006
Leica DM2500 Booking
Leica DM2500 Usage Statistics
Leica DM2500 Repair History

Microscope overview

The Leica DM2500 is an upright brightfield microscope equipped with a color camera for brightfield and differential interference contrast (DIC) imaging. If you need to perform fluorescence imaging try the Leica DM5000B instead.

Data files older than 3 months will be automatically deleted on this system, please copy your data to the iMM server using the desktop link.

System components


Magnification Model Type NA WD (mm) pixel size (μm) 10 μm =
1.25x HCX PL FLUOTAR Dry 0.04 3.70 4.9 2.02 pixels
5x N PLAN Dry 0.12 14 1.23 8.1 pixels
10x HC PL FLUOTAR Dry 0.30 11 0.61 16.2 pixels
20x HC PL FLUOTAR Dry 0.50 1.15 0.30 32.5 pixels
40x HCX PL FLUOTAR Dry 0.75 0.40 0.15 65 pixels
100x HCX PL FLUOTAR Oil 1.30 0.22 0.06 162.5 pixels

* pixel size for 2560 x 1920 images (Full Frame)

Upon request:

Magnification Model Type NA WD (mm) pixel size (μm) 10 μm =
63x HCX PL APO Oil 1.32-0.60 0.1 0.1 102 pixels

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