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 ====== Fluorescence and Confocal Microscopy Practical Course - 2012 ====== ====== Fluorescence and Confocal Microscopy Practical Course - 2012 ======
-{{:​confocal_practical_course.jpg?​200  |}}+{{:​confocal_practical_course.jpg?​100  ​|}} ​This practical course aims at providing the students with a solid base in fluorescence and confocal microscopy for histology applications. The following topics will be covered: performing fluorescence microscopy histology, brightfield and fluorescence microscopy, fluorescent probes, advanced fluorescence techniques (FRAP, FRET), practical usage of widefield fluorescence and confocal microscopes,​ digital image processing.
 ===== The Program ===== ===== The Program =====
-Download the {{ ::​programa_curso_confocal.pdf |detailed program}}+Download the {{ ::​programa_curso_confocal.pdf |detailed program}} ​(in portuguese)
 ===== The Speakers ===== ===== The Speakers =====
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