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Veldhoen, Marc

Immune regulation

Epithelial barrier sites such as the skin, respiratory and gastrointestinal tract, form a physical interface between our bodies and external environments. In addition to creating a physical impediment to pathogens, epithelial barriers include a diverse mix of immune cells, forming a first line of defence against invading pathogens.

Our laboratory studies the role that cells of the immune system play at the initiation, modulation and resolution of immune responses at epithelial barrier sites as well as the homeostatic control of epithelial cells. These studies provide insights into the mechanisms that control the maintenance, activation and function of immune cells located or enriched at mucosal surfaces such as the intestine, ultimately contributing to the prevention of undesirable immune responses that may result in chronic infections, allergies, autoimmunity and an increased risk of cancer.

  • Research Areas

    • Epithelial – immune cell interactions
    • Tissue homeostasis
    • Thelper cell differentiation
    • Environmental influences on immunity
    • Mucosal Immunology
  • Research Team

    • Ongoing Research Projects

      2014/2017 Engineering a multi-cell lineage multi-organism intestine (NC3R, UK)
      2015/2019 European Network Linking Informatics and Genomics of Helper T cells ENLIGHT-TEN ITN (H2020, EU)
      2016/2021 ERA Chair project (H2020, EU)

    • Prizes

      2011 EMBO Young Investigator programme

      2010 ERC starting grant

    • Selected Publications

      • Brucklacher-Waldert V, Ferreira C, Stebegg M, Fesneau O, Innocentin S, Marie JC, Veldhoen M. (2017). Cellular Stress in the Context of an Inflammatory Environment Supports TGF-β-Independent T Helper-17 Differentiation. Cell Rep.
      • Veldhoen M. (2017). Interleukin 17 is a chief orchestrator of immunity. Nature Immunology.
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