Hi, my name is Marie and I am currently doing my PhD at Nuno Morais' Lab! I have a life-long / permanent / ever-growing interest in the best organ in the human body - the brain - and specifically in neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease. In fact, I did my Master's thesis in Parkinson’s disease, in a wet lab context.

Nuno Morais's Lab allowed me to continue studying the diseased human brain through a different prism that is using bioinformatics. In summary, my PhD project consists of assessing transcriptomic variations and alterations in the expression of splicing factors in idiopathic Parkinson’s brains, based on bioinformatics analyses of already existing data. Once those alterations are identified, we will validate them in an independent set of clinical brain samples of idiopathic Parkinson’s brains and functionally explore their consequences in vitro.


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